5 Tips On How To Prepare Your Vehicle For Spring

Spring Vehicle Maintenance Tips

5 Tips To Prepare Your Vehicle For Spring

It's necessary to perform proper car maintenance throughout the year to ensure you have a long-lasting vehicle. The winter and spring season are times when the atmosphere changes can become harsh on certain parts of your car. Fluctuations in temperature and road conditions often create imbalanced wear and tear that, over time, will eventually result in a much more costly repair.

Seasonal car maintenance will prevent unwanted hassles like faulty tires, brakes, and batteries. Our service centre is very knowledgeable about what you might need and when, so please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Purchase All Season Tires

After the snow has melted and temperatures begin to rise in the spring, changes in road conditions call for a different type of traction. Purchasing all-season tires will prevent any eventual damage caused by the change in season, but they will need maintenance.

Change Your Winter Tires

Winter tires are not as helpful in the summer and can counteract the traction you will need in the summer. If you have winter tires, then it's recommended that you change them after the season is over. Wash and store them in your basement or anywhere dry and cool.


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Check Your Battery

Another part of proper car maintenance after the winter is checking your battery. Cold weather is harsh on car batteries, so you will need to have it checked. If you are unsure about your battery or would like it reviewed, contact us at Summerside Chrysler, and we will be happy to assist you.

Check Your Brakes

Chances are, your brakes have gone through a lot in the winter. Give your brakes a break by changing your brake pads. If you feel an uneven pull when you stop or any unusual noise, then it's time to give them proper car maintenance.

Change Your Fluids

Maintaining your oil and fluids is always necessary, but even more so after the winter months. Things that may need your attention are windshield fluid, oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid and power-steering fluid.

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For more information about proper care maintenance for the springtime, contact us at Summerside Chrysler service centre.

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