Tire Safety & Wear and Tear

Tire Safety & Wear and Tear Tips

Tire Safety & Wear and Tear Tips

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Signs of Wear and Tear on Your Tires

Even if you don't put tons of kilometres on your vehicle, it's prudent you check on your tires' condition at least once a month. But how exactly do you check tires? The unmistakable sign of wear and tear in a tire is the reduced tread depth, which can be identified through visual inspections. Waning tread depth affects the vehicle's braking functionality and deteriorates the quality of the ride.

Other signs for tires' wear and tear include bubbles (bumps) on your tires, sidewall cracks, and uneven tire wear and tear. While harsh road conditions might wreak havoc on your tires, you can undertake preventive measures like wheel rotation, maintaining your car's suspension, and wheel alignment to extend your tires' lifespan.

How to Find a Leak in a Tire?

Ever woken up to a flat tire? A puncture is, perhaps, the most common mishap likely to happen to your tire. It's frustrating and can happen when you need your vehicle most, which is why you must understand how to check for a leak in a tire. But how?

Before any tire repair, soap and water come in handy to help you determine the puncture location. Mix water and soap and spray on all parts of the tire, including the valve and the sidewalls. Visually inspect the tire to spot any bubbling caused by air escaping from the leak. Once confirmed that a leak exists, you can schedule an appointment with our Service Centre to ensure that the leak is repairable.

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    How to Store a Tire for Winter & Summer

    Many factors affect the lifespan of your tire. These include age, damage from potholes, curbs, and speed bumps. Furthermore, harsh climate conditions like snow, ice, and heat can shorten your tires' lifespan. And while it's advisable you change your vehicle's tires depending on the season, you must ponder about the off-season set's storage.

    To store your tires, clean them first, put them in airtight plastic bags, and keep them away from direct sunlight and chemicals, which can damage the rubber. And how do you store them? There are three options stand them upright, hook them on a rack, or stack them on their sides. Another alternative is to keep your off-season tires with our service centre to ensure proper storage and further peace of mind.

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