What You Should Ask When Buying A New Vehicle

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Important Questions You Should Ask Before Buying A Car

Buying a car can sometimes be a big deal, especially if it is your first car. Sometimes, you may have done some research on your preferred car and have some basic knowledge about it. However, before you make that purchase, you need to ask yourself some critical questions. Here at Summerside Chrysler Dodge 1984 Ltd., we strive to provide you with all the information you need to make your decision. We pride ourselves in being the best car dealership for first-time buyers in Summerside, PE, and we're proud to serve our valued customers in New Glasgow, Montague, Brae, and surrounding areas. Our services are customer-oriented and your satisfaction is our guarantee.ntie.

Before you embark on buying a new car in Summerside PE, you need to ask yourself a few questions about yourself, the car you want and the dealership. These questions will help guide you in making the final decision.

Know What Car You Need

Do you need a car for weekend adventures or a job? Look at the roads you mostly use and the weather where you live. You should evaluate your way of living by researching conditions surrounding you to determine the type and the price of the car you need.

Know Your Budget

It is good to look at your current financial status. This not only for a purchase of a car but also the maintenance like repairs, insurance and regular servicing of your vehicle. If you need help with determining your budget, visit our Shop From Home page or contact our finance centre for assistance.

Know Your Credit Score

The credit score will help you determine the amount of interest rate you will pay on your car loan. Having a good credit score will help you get a car loan with low-interest rates.

It is essential to know as much as you can about the vehicle before you purchase it. Some of the items you'll want to consider including: vehicle history, if its a used vehicle, warranty available on the vehicle, gas mileage, car model, additional fees, and other amenities that come with the car. Be sure to contact us to schedule a test drive as there's nothing more important than trying the vehicle before you buy it.

Questions You Should Ask Yourself

What are your needs for the car?

This is an important car buying question in Brae, PE, as your needs define your choice of car. You have to know the uses of your new car for you to determine what type to go for. Different uses have different requirements such as seat space, towing power and cargo space.

How much money do you have?

Your budget will have a big impact on the car you buy. It will determine the range of cars that are affordable to you. You will need to assess your financial position to determine the car you can realistically afford even with the different financing options available. In answering this question, remember to consider expenses such as dealer administration charges, freight, and sales tax.

What should I check before buying a new car?

You should check your target price, your way of financing, and credit score. If you're planning to buy a used vehicle, you should check on its history, if it is repaired or had an accident. This will help you measure the worth of that car you want to buy.

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    Questions You Will Want to Ask the Dealer (Us)

    How long is the warranty and what does it cover?

    The best car dealership for first time buyers in Summerside, PE, will likely give you warranties that cover a reasonable period of up to 3 years. The length of the warranty may be an indicator of the dealer's trust in the car. It may be an indicator of any underlying problems with the car. You also need to know the components of the car that the warranty covers to avoid unpleasant surprises in the future.

    How many kilometres should a new car have on delivery?

    New car mileage should range from 50 kilometres to 300 kilometres. This is because the vehicle needs to be test driven several times concerning its inspection.

    What can I do if the car I wanted is not on the lot?

    While we're always refreshing our online inventory, we encourage you to contact us if you can't find what you need online or alternatively use our CarFinder tool to let us know which vehicle you'd like.

    What are the terms of payment options?

    Every dealership has its payment options. The standard payment methods are debit cards, bank transfers, phone and mobile payments, checks, and cash payments. Be sure to contact our finance centre to learn more.

    What's the warranty coverage for a car?

    Most new car warranty lasts for at least three years. Contact our product advisors to learn more about the warranty available for the vehicle you're interested in purchasing.

    Is there an authorized dealership or repair shop near my house?

    Yes. Summerside Chrysler Dodge (1984) Ltd is the most preferred dealership in Summerside, PE. We also offer expert vehicle care so you can schedule your service online and we offer genuine parts from Mopar, so you can order your parts online today.

    Are there any additional fees?

    You need to find out if the dealer charges any extra fees as that would increase the cost of your car. Find out as much information about any hidden charges before making the purchase. Things like dealer-installed accessories might come with extra charges, and you should be keen to ask about them.

    Questions About the Car

    How many miles should be on a new car on delivery?

    You may expect a new car to have less than 100 kilometres. However, due to test drives, the reading could be high. Any reading higher than 500 to 1,000 kms should give you a reason to negotiate a lower price for the car.

    What is its fuel consumption?

    el consumption is very important when you are considering buying a new car in Summerside, PE. It determines your future expenses on the car. If you use your car frequently, you may need a fuel-efficient car to minimize your expenses.

    How comfortable is the car?

    Comfort is key in any car. You would want a car that is comfortable to both the driver and the passengers.

    How well does the car drive?

    Most dealers offer test drives on specific routes. However, to know how well your car will serve you, you need to know how it performs on a road similar to the one you use regularly. An important car buying question in Brae, PE, is whether the car suits the type of roads you use regularly. Be sure to inquire from us and we'll help you out!

    Ready to Test Drive Your Next Vehicle?

    If you're ready to purchase a new or pre-owned vehicle, be sure to check our online inventory. We update our inventory daily and offer competitive prices so you won't have to worry too much about negotiating lower prices. As always, be sure to contact us if you have any questions.