Getting Your Car Winter Ready

Getting Your Car Winter Ready in Summerside, Prince Edward Island

Winter is coming soon, and you need to prepare your vehicle for the cold winter months so that it can take you wherever you need to go dependably. Don't let the cold winter months arrive without having your vehicle's tires changed and fluids topped up. At Summerside Chrysler, we can change your vehicle's tires so that you will remain on the road safely during the winter months, and you can feel free to inquire about the MOPAR Parts Advantage program as well.

When to Change Winter Tires

You should change your vehicle's tires to winter tires when you are expecting to travel in areas with snowfall. Winter tires are specifically designed for snow and ice and can provide better traction under these conditions than summer tires or all-season tires. Winter tires feature tread patterns that are very efficient at expelling water and slush. The compounds used to create winter tires are also softer, allowing the tires to grab onto the road surfaces better in colder temperatures.

What Else: Topping Up Fluids

Your vehicle relies on several fluids to operate properly. Winter weather can be harsh on vehicles and forces them to work harder to accomplish everyday tasks. Therefore, you should ensure that your vehicle always has the fluids needed to carry out its tasks before the winter months arrive.

Have Safety Kit: First Aid Kit & Roadside Emergency

Stay prepared for a possible emergency by placing an emergency kit in your vehicle before you need it.

Tire Change and Oil Change

Changing your vehicle's tires, oil, and fluids before winter arrives will ultimately save you a lot of time and energy.

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