Tire-Saving Tips When Going Off-Road

Tire-Saving Tips When Going Off-Road

Tire-Saving Tips When Going Off-Roading in Summerside, Prince Edward Island

At Summerside Chrysler, we always want to support our customers' various needs. For those that love off-roading, we have many models available to deliver the best off-road driving experience. Check out our new Jeep inventory to browse the various Jeep SUVs available, offering excellent off-road capabilities and lots of value. If you need your current vehicle checked out before an off-road adventure, visit our Service Centre today.

Off-Road Tire-Saving Tips

Balance & Rotate Tires Regularly

By balancing and rotating your tires, you will give them the best chance at lasting the expected lifespan. By rotating the tires, you will maximize the amount of life and distribute the wear evenly, while balancing your wheels will keep the tires from having abnormal damage and wear. Contact us if you need your tires rotated and balanced.

Know Your Tires' Limits

Know what your tires are capable of and what they are designed to do before pushing them past their limits, which can cause damage that isn't repairable. Since tires are expensive, especially larger off-road tires, you will want to buy the right set for the application.

Air Down Correctly

As you drive over various trails and terrains, sometimes airing down your tires can be beneficial to gain more traction, but when you return to the pavement, you will want to be ready to air up those tires. If you continue driving on the pavement with low air pressure, you can cause the tires to excessively wear, but also make sure to avoid adding too much air back into the tires as that can also cause premature wear.

Avoid Spinning Your Wheels

When you are off-road hard acceleration and braking will cause unnecessary friction to wear out your tires quickly. Always drive within your vehicle's limits and avoid spinning your tires.

Avoid Getting Your Vehicle Stuck

Although getting stuck sometimes can be unpredictable, you will want to avoid putting your vehicle at its limits since you will be putting your tires at risk of damage. If you can, try to get another vehicle to assist in pulling the stuck vehicle out and avoid spinning your tires in place.

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