5 Vehicle Noises & What They Mean

When Your Car's A Knocking, It's Time To Book A Service Appointment

5 Vehicle Noises & What They Mean in Summerside, Prince Edward Island

Are you looking for the best car dealership in Summerside, Prince Edward Island? We, Summerside Chrysler, are the leading auto dealer in Prince Edward Island. If you are in the surrounding areas of New Glasgow, Montague, and Brae, you can also take advantage of our outstanding services. We offer parts and service departments to help you extend the life of your vehicle. A new noise coming from your vehicle can be scary because it usually means expensive repairs and long waits at the mechanic. At Summerside Chrysler, we will ensure that your experience is seamless and that the necessary repairs are done right the first time, saving you time and money.

How to Deal With Squealing Brakes

As you drive, you may have some squealing noises coming from the wheel as you try to slow down. The squealing is a sign of damaged brake pads, shoes, and rotors. You can solve the problem by having a car service and replacing the damaged parts. Suppose you continue ignoring the noises, which will result in further damage to the reusable components, costing you more in the long run. The brake pads are designed with a metal indicator that contacts the rotor once the brake pad material wears down to the minimal level. Keeping up with your maintenance is the best way to avoid unwanted breakdowns and ensure the occupants' safety.


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How to Handle Squeals Coming From Under The Hood

When you hear noises coming from under the hood, it is a sign that the car has a loose serpentine belt. This belt's primary function is to control things such as:

  • The alternator.
  • Power steering pump.
  • The air conditioner compressor.

Fixing the serpentine is easy and cheap to fix. You can also maintain the belt by having a service schedule. Where your mechanic will advise you on how long the belt will serve before replacement.

How to Handle Grumpy Cat Purring Noises From The Engine

When you experience engine sounds such as 'grumpy cat purring,' consider checking your battery. These engine sounds come as a sign that the battery is losing strength to power the engine. These noises may increase and even cause the car to fail in the future. Check the battery if it has a low voltage, needs a jump start, or is past its prime.

Causes of Noise When Turning the Steering Wheel

Suppose your car has a slight squeak when steering. It should not raise the alarm since this is a sign that there is a low-power steering fluid. But if the steering makes a groaning sound, it indicates a problem with the steering system. Maintain the car by adding the power steering fluid.

Knocking, Popping, or Banging Noises

Knocking noises come from using low-octane gasoline in a car that needs high-octane gasoline. You can avoid popping and banging by using the proper octane gasoline and having your engine serviced periodically.

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