Pre-Owned Sedans for Sale in Summerside, Prince Edward Island

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Pre-Owned Sedans for Sale in Summerside, Prince Edward Island

Pre-Owned Sedans for Sale in Summerside, Prince Edward Island

Summerside Chrysler proudly serves the people of this community with a constantly updated inventory of used cars. Our used cars for sale in Summerside include some of the top sedans on the market. Sedans are an excellent option for commuters, offering both comfort and fuel efficiency. Our talented team will help you find the right car for you. Here's a glimpse of the cars you can find on our lot.

Used Honda Civic for Sale

The Civic has been around for decades, with every model upgraded to be even more reliable than before. The Honda Civic offers a reliable and comfortable ride with generous room for passengers, in-reach controls, and a large trunk. The Civic offers excellent fuel economy, with newer models being more efficient.

Used Chrysler 300 for Sale

A used Chrysler 300 offers you luxury at an affordable price. It comes with a powerful engine, advanced safety features, and modern technology features. Many models include blind-spot detection, rear cameras, and park assist for enhanced safety. Consider financing a used Chrysler 300 for an impressive vehicle at a budget-friendly price!

Used Chrysler 200 for Sale

The Chrysler 200 is no longer being produced, so buying a pre-owned one gives you access to a great car from the past. This car is known for offering a sleek frame and a luxurious driving experience. Chrysler models regularly included premium infotainment features and safety equipment that were ahead of their time. Chrysler 200 models were made with 2.4-litre and 3.6-litre engines that provided significant horsepower. Tap into affordable luxury and buy a used Chrysler 200 today!

Used Toyota Corolla for Sale

Buying a pre-owned Toyota Corolla guarantees a considerably lower price. The Toyota Corolla is an incredibly reliable and efficient vehicle. The Corolla has been known for fuel economy for six decades and is easy to maintain and repair. A used Corolla makes an excellent daily driver that retains its value and lives long.

Finance Used Sedans

If our new vehicles are out of your price range, one of our used sedans may be the perfect option for you. We'll even help make it more affordable through our competitive finance rates and flexible payment plans. To finance a used sedan in Summerside, Prince Edward Island, contact us today!